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Most of us females these days know all about the deprivation that staying or getting in shape calls for, so did I.

Forget about trying to keep holding down the lid on your cravings, living a sweet life is not an illusion, being a “well fed and watered girl” is such a better place to be...

Reap the benefits of home made Stevia sweetened treats no matter where you are on your personal body image journey as I share with you my life as a Fit and Fed Girl that has found some peace with food and hopefully inspire you to join me and enjoy the road ahead.

No matter what the foodture brings!

MK xx

100 percent Chocolate Coconut Manna Confect with Coconut Shavings



100 percent Chocolate Coconut manna confect with Coconut shavings serving



A little experimentation making confect with my favourite ingredients: 100% Chocolate, Coconut, Coconut Manna and of cause Stevia-sweet extract.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet as the making of these treats is very simple, all that is required is a little patience during setting time.

Coconut Manna is sweet in itself, so does not require additional sweetening. Use stevia extract powder or liquid to sweeten the chocolate part of the recipe..


Makes: 1/2 sheet black/ white & 1/2 sheet white (approx. 20 portions)

Tray size: 27 x 17cm

Prep time: 5-15 min

Cooling: 20min


You need:

    • 100g Coconut manna (1/3 for coconut manna with dusting, 2/3 for the chocolate layered version)
    • 75g Cocoa liquor/ 100% Chocolate
    • 40g Cocoa Butter
    • 10g coconut rough flakes (for decorating)
    • 1tsp Cocoa Powder unsweetened
    • couple of drops vanilla extract – optional
    • 2 tbsp  Stevia-sweet Fluid

Note: getting the sweetness to the desired level is a matter of trial and error, the best thing is to start with a smaller amount of whatever Stevia you have on hand, it can be ready-use, liquid or tabs (need to be dissolved too), adding more is easier than diluting – you could end up with a huge amount of treat -Don’t have any Stevia yet? – you can always use normal sweetener products until you are set up.

1) Finely chop or grate 100% Chocolate

2) Slowly melt Chocolate/ Cocoa butter/ Stevia-sweet Stevia liquide sweetener in double boiler (one pot with water with another one inside that contains ingredients to melt)

100 percent Chocolate Coconut manna confect with Coconut shavings copy

3) Boil kettle of water and pour into a container that fits the Coconut Manna glass, leave it in the hot water until it becomes creamy/ runny. (the Manna is solid when it is stored)

Coconut manna confect with cocoa dusting

4) pour the liquid Coconut Manna onto non stick baking tray and leave to set, this does not take long at all.

You can make both at the same time or, like I did here, first the white version and then the layered one.

Here is the finished Coconut Manna Confect:

Coconut manna confect with cocoa dusting main


5) Leave the melted combined Chocolate mass to cool down a little bit as to not melt the set Coconut Manna on the tray.


6) Pour cooled Chocolate mass onto set Coconut Manna sheet and sprinkle with rough chopped coconut flakes.

7) Leave to set – cut and enjoy!


Here’s the calorie count.

If  all ingredient used to make one sheet confect cut into 20pcs makes one piece 40kcals.

For the Coconut Manna cocoa dusting version, check Coconut Manna Calorie information on glass.

100 percent Chocolate Coconut Manna Confect with Coconut Shavings - nutrition






















Do you make your own confectionaries? Fancy sharing your recipe?

MK xx



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